Flint Hill Ladies: Our Best Yes


Busy-ness and stress and anxiety and the inability to do it all (or sometimes, it feels like, having the capacity to do ANYTHING) plagues our society, but especially targets women. We ladies struggle with a lot but multitasking is the name of our every game. We are like an internet browser with 30 tabs open all day long.

Many of our ladies at Flint Hill have enjoyed taking part in the “Best Yes” life group on Wednesday nights (book by Lysa TerKeurst). We have discussed the biblical basis of wisdom and practical ways to pursue it. We have commiserated on how underspent and underwhelmed our souls are feeling in this season of life. We have worked through a biblical foundation for decision-making and why we shouldn’t consider EVERY assignment OUR assignment. We have talked about how we should consider if, when, and how to say “no” to opportunities that come our way, and how to flavor our attitudes of service with grace as we pursue wisdom through excellence in the seemingly mundane bits of life.


Ultimately we have taken a shovel to our lives and have dug down into the marrow of why we say yes to the things we say yes to…and how to say no to the wrong things, so that we are free to say yes to the BEST things God has for us. Together, we are learning to resist fear and anxiety about the decision-making process. We are learning to let our identity in Christ and His potential through us, as opposed to our fleshly insecurities, go before us into every moment of decision. We laugh together and we get all teary-eyed together, we talk through tough choices together and we dream together, we confess together and we have grown in wisdom…together.

Though the bulk of our study surrounded The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst (and along with that, various Bible stories and verses that have come up in our lessons) the book of Proverbs has also been a sidebar study of biblical wisdom. Taking pause each week to share and savor some of the best nuggets of wisdom that have spoken to our hearts has been everything from sweet to hysterical. Proverbs 2:1-6, however, has served as our mantra.

My son, if you receive my words

and treasure up my commandments with you,

making your ear attentive to wisdom

and inclining your heart to understanding;

yes, if you call out for insight

and raise your voice for understanding,if you seek it like silver

if you seek it like silver

and search for it as for hidden treasures,

then you will understand the fear of the Lord

and find the knowledge of God.

For the Lord gives wisdom;

from His mouth come knowledge and understanding;


As we continue to reach for all the verbs in those verses, may the Lord meet each and every one of us with the true wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that can only come from Him.
*If you have not yet read The Best Yes, we highly recommend it. It is available for download on Amazon, and you can also borrow it from one of the “Best Yes” life group ladies who has already finished.